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August 4th, 2013 by
HydraGuard is a propriety NWC liquid formulation of polymers and other cross-link chemistries that enhance durability of ConCover and ProGuard products. HydraGuard is available in a 275 gallon (1040 liter) plastic flexible tote. Cost per square foot ranges from 1-2 cents (USD) or 10.7 – 21.5 cents (USD) per square meter depending upon application method. HydraGuard can be applied either topically after the initial application of the ConCover SW or 180 product, or it can be mixed with either of the products as they are being blended.

Designed for Use As:

  • An additive for ConCover 180 and ConCover SW
  • Low cost alternative to plastic scrim or seamed geotextile (which can cost 10- 15x more)
  • Added to ConCover 180 to provide a low cost, easily repaired method of reducing the volatilization of gases emanating from areas of temporary soil cover
  • Improves the gas impermeability of ConCover 180, reducing the amount of oxygen that can be sucked through the surface
  • With ConCover SW, improves ability to shed water on exterior slopes to control erosion

Application & Usage of HydraGuard:

Topical Application of HydraGuard
HydraGuard applied topically results in a polymeric film over the surface of the cover product that resists water penetration. When topically applying the product,10-15% of the final solution is HydraGuard. Mix the product, and then lightly spray the combined mixture on the surface of the previously applied cover material.

Mixing HydraGuard with Cover Material
NWC recommends that HydraGuard be added first, as water is put into the tank. With ConCover 180, 10%- 15% of the liquid should be HydraGuard. One of the advantages of pre-mixing it with the cover material is that no re-coating is necessary.