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Cover Additives

August 4th, 2013 by

When it comes to innovation and performance, New Waste Concepts takes the lead.

We’ve developed an exclusive line of powerful and effective additives that can be directly mixed into the cover prior to spraying. These cover additives are recommended for: - Extending Cover Longevity - Increasing Water Resistant Properties, and - Odour, Bird and Insect Control Applying these additives before the actual cover spraying begins is a huge advantage, since you no longer have to incur additional labor expenses by implementing these treatments separately.

All additives are not created equal. Which additive is right for you?



HydraGuard is a propriety NWC liquid formulation of polymers and other cross-link chemistries that enhance durability of ConCover and ProGuard products. HydraGuard is available in a 275 gallon (1040 liter) plastic flexible tote. Cost per square foot ranges from 1-2 cents (USD) or 10.7 – 21.5 cents (USD) per square meter depending upon application method. Added to ConCover 180 to provide a low cost, easily repaired method of reducing the volatilization of gases emanating from areas of temporary soil cover.
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SuperSeal 40

SuperSeal 40 is the dry chemical twin of HydraGuard. It is comes in 35 lb. (15.8 kg) bags comprised of acrylic polymers and other chemistries to resist moisture and create a more durable rain resistant film. It can be easily added to any of the ProGuard or ConCover line of products. Designed for use as an additive to ConCover SW – enhances durability of ConCover SW to be used as intermediate cover material.
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