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ProGuard IIB

August 4th, 2013 by

Two Bag Flexibility at Low Cost

ProGuard IIB is the 2-component version of ProGuard SB, with a blend of engineered polymers and recycled fibers that forms a thick viscous slurry when mixed with water. The slurry forms a barrier to control litter, fires, dust and odors. Formulated to meet all Subtitle D Regulations, ProGuard IIB acts as an effective barrier to sulphur and other odors and in suppressing radon gas and other volatile organic compounds. Perfect for use as an alternative daily cover.

Designed for use as:

  • Daily Cover On MSW, C & D, and Hazardous Waste Landfills
  • Vector & Bird Control When Integrated With Other NWC Products
  • Two-Component System Allows For Variability Of Mix Ratios
  • Delivery Medium For Chemical, Biological And Microbial Landfill Stabilization Products
  • Low Cost Odor Suppression System
  • Low Cost Radon Gas Suppression
  • Excellent Fire Suppression Tool In Landfills
  • Bale Fill Landfill Daily Cover – Adheres To Vertical Surfaces
  • Inexpensive Grass Seeding Medium
  • Control Blowing Litter Throughout The Day
  • Fugitive Dust Control Media On Hazardous Site
  • Alternative Daily Cover

Features & Benefits of ProGuard IIB

Thick viscous material that will not fall off your hand when inverted
  • Adheres to plastic and other difficult to bond substrates
  • Will adhere to vertical surfaces and waste in the landfill
  • Creates thick vapor suppressing layer to minimize escape of odor carried by moisture evaporation
  • Safe – Sprayed particle size of droplet too large to inhale
  • Does not wash off easily due to quality of polymers used
  • Visually provides an excellent looking cover material

Engineered to integrate well with other NWC products-odor / bird / seed growth
  • For Bird Control: NWC Bird Commander – Rejex- it can be added to cover materials
  • For Odour Control: NWC’s Odor Sergeant, Odor Lieutenant, Odor Corporal or Odor Major can be added>

Can be left in the mixing tank for over five days
  • Reduces labor since tank does not need daily reloading
  • Eliminates waste – competitive products require use of entire tank before hardening which could jam gear pumps
  • Allows mixing a load whenever your application team has time
  • Crews leave on time creating better morale, with less mixing and application at the end of the day
  • No need to shut landfill due to high winds and blowing paper. Product can be sprayed on demand; blowing litter can be controlled with a light application.

Mixing enhances ‘Air Entrapment’
Air entrainment (trapping of air bubbles) increases thickness the way whipping cream adds viscosity and thickness.This also enhances the ability to cover a greater void. ConCover SW covers more square feet/meters then any other product.