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ProGuard CB

August 4th, 2013 by

Custom Formulated Alternative Daily Cover Solution

ProGuard CB is a specifically engineered alternative daily cover formulation designed to meet special requirement needs of our customers. Typically, ProGuard CB products are custom blends of polymers and recycled fibers tailored to provide specific performance properties.The color, durability, water impermeability, VOC & gas suppression capabilities are modified to create a custom product at a minimal cost per sq. Ft./meter.

Design a Cover for those special situations:

  • Heavy rain droplet size
  • Extreme gas and odor environments
  • Special cover to reduce gases so you can complete the job sooner
  • Remediation projects that need special covers to avoid a shut down
  • Fugitive dusting on low level radioactive remediation projects
  • A waste stream that needs to be incorporated into your daily cover material
  • A sludge pond which has gone septic or is gassing off odorous compounds

The Process

New Waste Concepts Engineers and Technicians will review the challenges your operation faces. A consensus will be reached regarding your exact needs and NWC will work to develop a formulation to meet those needs.Typically, the R & D team will hold a trial to ensure the product works as outlined. Later, NWC may release the product as an addition to the product line.

Basic Standards
NWC applies a set of standards for all custom blends. These are the foundation of what NWC defines as an acceptable cover material.
  • Fire resistant
  • Consistent volume and thickness
  • Thick viscous material that will not fall off inverted hand
  • Adheres to plastic and other difficult substrates
  • Will adhere to ver tical surfaces and waste in the landfill
  • Creates vapor suppressing layer that minimizes escape of odor via moisture evaporation in the landfill
  • A particle size of water/product droplet too large to inhale when spraying with leachate which is not the case with hydro seeding clones.
  • When dry, won’t wash off easily due to quality and types of polymers used
  • Will visually provide an excellent looking cover material
Engineered to integrate well with other NWC products-odor / bird / seed growth
  • For Bird Control: NWC Bird Commander – Rejex- it can be added to cover materials
  • For Odour Control: NWC’s Odor Sergeant, Odor Lieutenant, Odor Corporal or Odor Major can be added>
Mixing enhances ‘Air Entrapment’
Air entrainment (trapping of air bubbles) increases thick- ness the way whipping cream adds viscosity and thick- ness.This also enhances the ability to cover a greater void. ConCover SW covers more square feet/meters then any other product.

Current Blends

Irish Blend
The Irish Blend was created to meet the needs of several landfills where the exacting standards included high dew point, fully netted site, morning rain events, and large water droplet size due to pooling of water. Irish Blend is more resistant and durable than ProGuard Daily Cover yet less expensive than the more durable ConCover line of Products.

NS Blend
The NS Blend stands for Non Sulfate and was requested by a specific landfill to meet the restrictions of their regulator. NWC developed the non-sulfate daily cover which reduced the detectable levels well below the standard set by the municipality. This product is a variation of the ProGuard line with special chemistries that contains almost no sulfates at a comparable cost to the standard ProGuard line of alternate daily cover products.