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ConCover SW

August 4th, 2013 by

High Performance Alternative Cover Material

ConCover SW is a patented, technologically advanced blend of polymers and recycled fiber that forms a slurry when mixed with water.When applied, it creates a uniform, encapsulating barrier that can last 6-8 months or longer.

Designed for Use As:

  • Soil replacement as Initial Waste Layer Cover in a New Cell
  • Delivery Medium for Chemical, Biological and Microbial Landfill Stabilization Products
  • Intermediate or Interim Covers on MSW or Hazardous Waste
  • Steep Slope Stabilization & Erosion Control
  • Daily Cover during Moderate Rain
  • Daily Cover on C & D Landfills
  • Odor Suppression during Contaminated Sediment Excavation
  • Radon Gas Suppression
  • Odor Suppression during Excavation of Old Waste
  • Grass Seed Protection during Periods of Drought
  • Fugitive Dust Control Media on Hazardous Sites
  • Alternative Daily Cover Material

Features & Benefits of ConCover SW:

Thick viscous material that will not fall off your hand when inverted
  • Adheres to plastic and other difficult to bond substrates
  • Will adhere to vertical surfaces and waste in the landfill
  • Creates thick vapor suppressing layer to minimize escape of odour carried by moisture evaporation
  • Safe – Sprayed particle size of droplet too large to inhale
  • Does not wash off easily due to quality of polymers used
  • Visually provides an excellent looking cover material

Engineered to integrate well with other NWC products – odour / bird / seed growth
  • For Bird Control: NWC Bird Commander – Rejex-it can be added to cover materials
  • For Odour Control: NWC’s Odor Sergeant, Odor Lieutenant, Odor Corporal or Odor Major can be added

Excellent durability in light to moderate rain
  • Polymer types are of high quality so that ConCover SW adheres to plastic even in light to moderate rain

Can be left in the mixing tank for over five days
  • Reduces labor since tank does not need daily reloading
  • Eliminates waste – competitive products require use of entire tank before hardening which could jam gear pumps
  • Allows mixing a load whenever your application team has time
  • Crews leave on time creating better morale, with less mixing and application at the end of the day
  • No need to shut landfill due to high winds and blowing paper. Product can be sprayed on demand; blowing litter can be controlled with a light application.

Weight of product bags lowest on the market
  • Bags of paper mulch are easy to handle and weigh only 35 lbs.
  • Chemical bags are 50 lb. bags and are easy to load

Mixing enhances ‘Air Entrapment’
  • Air entrainment (trapping of air bubbles) increases thickness the way whipping cream adds viscosity and thickness.This also enhances the ability to cover a greater void. ConCover SW covers more square feet/meters then any other product.