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ConCover 180

August 4th, 2013 by

World’s Longest Lasting Cover Material

ConCover 180 is a patented, highly advanced ‘Air Entrained’ sprayable slurry. It creates an impervious barrier up to 3 inches (7.5 cm) in thickness that can last 12-18 months or longer. ConCover 180 is a Two-Component System, consisting of chemical ‘A’ bags and a recycled paper and wood fiber matrix blend ‘B’ bag. ConCover 180 is biodegradable and non-toxic (HMIS rated ‘0’ for health, fire & reactivity) with recycled materials making one of the greenest & safest products in the world.

Designed for Use As:

  • Initial waste layer cover in new cell
  • Less expensive alternative to geotextile covers
  • Steep slope stabilisation and erosion control
  • Fugitive dust control media on hazardous site
  • Suppressing odours – sludge pond, other conditions
  • Cover over temporary soil to minimize oxygen in active gas collection systems
  • MSW cover material during extreme weather conditions: hurricanes, flooding, torrential downpours
  • Support membrane for vegetation growth in rain, drought, heavy rain
  • Horizontal cover layer to minimise penetration of oxygen into bail fill landfills
  • Daily cover for contaminated sediment and hazardous waste excavation

Features & Benefits of ConCover180:

Rehydrates and helps shed water
  • Helps keep water out of areas of landfill

Excellent Durability
  • Lasts up to 24months
  • Has survived hurricanes; including a three day underwater submersion
  • Excellent erosion protection on outside slopes of landfills

Adheres to vertical surfaces and all kinds of substrates
  • Excellent long term cover for bail fill landfills
  • Best technology to control old odours when excavating old waste
  • Excellent in controlling fugitive dust from contaminated sediment

Slight exothermic reaction driving off moisture to cure
  • Allows product to be applied during heavy rain
  • Excellent odor control for contaminated sediment excavation

ConCover180 closed cell air bubbles help:
  • Protects seeds from drought and heavy rain while in supporting seed growth
  • Create a barrier to suppress escaping VOCs and other gases
  • Reduce the permeation of oxygen into cells where gas is being collected
  • Provide a less expensive alternative to plastic scrim or welded seam geotextile
  • Suppress odours from sludge ponds where solids are 50% to 60%