OCS Environmental We have the most robust and versatile lines of covers available in the industry.

Alternative Daily Cover

August 4th, 2013 by

OCS Environmental are the exclusive distributors in Australia and New Zealand for New Waste Concepts Inc’s (NWCI) ConCover and ProGuard range of alternative daily cover products and proprietary spray machines.

Despite what you may have heard, or what others may have told you – no single cover can solve every problem. Depending upon your unique needs, and, more specifically, the unique nature of your landfill, we have the most robust and versatile lines of alternate daily covers available in the industry – geared for your specific applications and needs. 

All of our products are constructed of non-toxic, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly materials. Unlike cement based (cementaceous) covers, which contain hazardous and carcinogenic materials, our covers are slurry-based – made primarily of food grade polymers and clays. 

Our alternate daily covers are also material neutral – giving them distinct advantages when used as delivery methods for other products. They won’t interact or cause unwanted or unintended consequences with other materials or in your leachate collection systems. 

We strongly believe in developing products for specific application situations – but always being flexible enough to integrate with our other products.

All covers are not created equal! So…What type of covers are right for you?


Daily Covers – ProGuard IIB and TopGuard

The working face of all putrescible, dry waste and hazardous landfills must include a daily cover for preventing debris from blowing, minimizing pests & fire threats and for controlling odours. Even construction and demolition debris landfills are required to cover daily.For over 25 years New Waste Concepts has helped its clients meet the legislative requirements and our ProGuard line of ADC’s (Alternative Daily Covers) are specifically designed to meet these regulations.

Learn more about ProGuard IIB

Intermediate Covers – ConCover SW

When areas of the previous days active working face of a landfill won’t be covered with new waste for an extended period of time, intermediate covers are called for. These covers are used when the length of inactivity ranges from anywhere from 7 to 60 days (depending on your operating license), and need to be durable enough to survive through wind and rain.Unlike other manufacturers, New Waste Concepts has actually developed a cover specifically made for intermediate use. Its material neutral construction is flexible enough to be used in combination with seed and growth stimulants – yet durable enough to protect and last between 8-12 months.

Find out more about ConCover SW

Long-Term Cover – ConCover 180

When your landfill or waste areas won’t be used for 8 to 24 months – then it’s time for NWC’s Long Term Covers.Specifically designed and manufactured for providing maximum length of service coverage in both difficult and extreme environments, these covers offer the ultimate in protection – and at a fraction of the cost of temporary geotextile or plastic seam and welded cover materials.

ConCover 180 is simpler to apply and easier to maintain than other products on the market, and you don’t even have to remove it before adding more waste to the area.

Ideally suited for suppressing odors from contaminated sediments, this high performance cover excels at minimizing ingress of oxygen into methane collecting cells, as well as restricting water access with its impermeability rating of 10-7.

View the Factsheet for ConCover 180

Custom Covers – ProGuard CB and Irish Blend

Whenever your requirements are complex, out of the ordinary or even unique, the ProGuard CB line has you covered.

ProGuard CB products are custom blends of polymers and recycled fibers, specifically tailored to your specifications, providing the additional performance properties required to meet your special needs.

The color, durability, water impermeability, VOC & gas suppression capabilities can all be modified, creating a custom product for ANY situation, and all at a minimal cost per m2.


• Heavy rain, hurricanes and unusual water droplet size

• Suppressing gases and odors to measurable and regulatory permissible levels

• Fast gas-reduction properties – enabling a quicker job completion

• Remediation projects needing special covers – such as coal tar sands
and hydrocarbon sludge environments

• Fugitive dusting on low level radioactive remediation projects

• Waste streams you want incorporated into your daily cover material

• Sludge ponds, which have gone septic or gassing off odorous compounds

• Special cover materials excluding specific chemical compositions because
of their waste stream reactivity

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